Computer Fusion Search Hints

Using Phrases in your Search

To search for a phrase enclose it in quotes like "hard drive". It would look like this:  

The system will search for the two words (with space) just as it is typed.

If the search comes back "not found" check to see if the words are mis-spelled and make sure you haven't put two spaces in between.

The search does not care if capital letters are used.

Using Multiple Criteria in your Search

If you type more than one word (without quotes) such as      

the system will look for records containing the words SCSI and interface. Add the word external and it will look for records containing   SCSI and interface and external.

This allows you to zero in on the object of your search

Note that up to two phrases can be used in a multiple search along with additional words:   

A Limitation

There is a case where one quote symbol " is allowed: it makes sense to look for a 5.25" drive. If you try this while also looking for a phrase like "hard drive" the system will complain about having 3 doublequote symbols. We recommend that you drop the " following the 5.25: it will still work fine.